healthy schools campaign helps HB3770!

A couple of weeks ago, Healthy Schools Campaign contacted me and offered to help with HB3770. I’m so excited about the new site they have created for the bill! Check it out and use the “take action” button to send a letter to your legislator…

See the coolest HB3770 site EVER here

The bill itself is still falling on deaf ears. Apparently, despite my angry mom, they are still telling people that a hearing had not been requested. It was…on March 25th. Word at the Capitol is that the committee “doesn’t want to hear bills that place mandates on schools”.

Let me translate:

By “committee” they mean Rep. Eissler. There are actually some people on the committee that do support the bill. I would also like to clarify that if a committee doesn’t want to sit and listen to people testify on a bill…then perhaps sitting on a committee that hears public testimony isn’t the best fit.

Personally, I don’t want to hear that kids have to walk laps quietly around a playground because public apathy allows it. I don’t want to hear about my son being denied recess because some kid in his class talks too loud at lunch. I don’t want to hear that my friend’s asthmatic daughter had to run laps because she forgot to get a note signed.

Really Rob? Not exactly your place to decide…

So…keep calling. Maybe add Eissler to your call list. Definitely use the new website!


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