HB3770, my mom and the case of the missing public hearing.

Yesterday, my mom called me. She had called the Texas Public Education Committee clerk’s office to request a hearing for HB3770. Here’s how it went:

Mom: I just got off the phone with the committee clerk’s office. They said that a hearing was never requested.

Me: What? Yes it was. I spoke to Lauren (Cindy Burkett’s legislative director) the day they requested it. Why would she tell me they were requesting a hearing if they weren’t requesting a hearing? She’s the one that called me to tell me they were.

Mom: I know, I thought it was strange. But the guy I spoke to said they didn’t have the request. He said that it should have been done by Burkett’s office and that if it hasn’t already been requested, the bill will not be getting a hearing. I asked him over and over again, are you sure you are looking at the right bill? HB3770..from Cindy Burkett..about unstructured activities for students. He kept saying it wasn’t there. He told me that I needed to take it up with Burkett’s office. I’m calling their office right now, I’ll call you back..

{insert HB 3770 panic attack #95 here}

As I sat there, I kept thinking, “OK, calm down. Cindy would not write this bill and not follow through. There is no way, Lauren would call me last month and offer to tell me that they were requesting a hearing for no reason. They are super busy in Austin…they don’t have time to play let’s call Corrie and make things up.” Yikes…but what if they did? Thankfully, about five minutes later, my mom called back.

Mom: OK, I talked to Lauren. She said that they did request a hearing back in March. She didn’t sound too happy. She’s calling the clerk’s office right now. [in angry mom voice..] I’m calling that guy back right now to tell him a hearing was requested and that I am calling again to request one.

Big sigh of relief…and huge apologies for my split second doubt in Cindy and Lauren. Three minutes later, my mom calls back (love her).

Mom: I got a different person this time, it was a woman. I told her that I had just called and the guy I spoke to told me a hearing was never requested for HB3770. I told her that it was requested and that they needed to find it. Then, the woman says ‘Oh, no, no, it was requested. I’m looking at it right here in front of me. I see that it was requested in March. The person you spoke to must have been looking at the wrong thing.’

Me: But didn’t you ask him over and over again?

Mom: Oh, I did. I asked the lady the name of the guy I spoke to. She said his name was Ryan. I told her that she needs to make sure Ryan knows what he is doing, given the importance of his job. I told her how unprofessional it is to “lose” something like a hearing request for a bill…especially at the Capitol. Lauren must have already spoke to them since she had it right there in front of her.

 Poor Ryan. The kid got scapegoated.

And that’s where we are today…so here is where I need you the most. I need more people to call and request a hearing. The committee knows it’s there. Call the Public Education Committee’s office…

512-463-0804…and say “I am requesting a public hearing for HB3770”

Recess can’t happen without you.


Big, big, BIG thank you to Lauren. I feel like April 21st needs to be declared national “Lauren in Awesome Day”.


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