about me.

Awkward self-promotional bio written in third person because the experts say you will take what justamominmesquite has to say more seriously if someone else writes it:

JustaMominMesquite is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys spending time with her family and being active in her North Texas community. She is a volunteer at her child’s school and currently serves on her school district’s PTA executive board as the Health and Wellness Chairman. She is also not sure if she is allowed to mention that publicly on an unrelated blog, so if the PTA folks want her to knock it off, just let her know, and she will delete the aforementioned statement.

She began this blog in an attempt to help other like-minded parents decipher this mess called the Child Nutrition Act and grasp a better understanding of why it is so important to the health of our children. JustaMominMesquite can’t stand that kids, their parents, and school districts are led to believe the crappy food served up across the country isn’t doing any harm.

Because low quality food, lack of recess, and cooped up children hopped up on MSG and sugar depress her, she tends to be a bit sarcastic in her writing. This is purely for her own sanity. For those few people that know her well,  her offbeat sense of humor is funny. Unfortunately, the rest of the world’s population finds her a bit offensive. She is OK with this.

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