turning the heat up: HB 3770~ let’s get this thing cooking.


So far, the mandatory recess bill for Texas, HB 3770, has been filed, gained a co-author, introduced, and referred to the education committee. This committee is where last session’s bill for recess, HB 159, sat until its demise. The clock is ticking in this current session, so we need to keep the pressure on our legislators to keep this bill moving. 

I know you keep hearing from your elected officials that this decision should be left up to your school district. I disagree. You can read the letter I have sent to our legislators to see why. 

 What you may not know:

For those of you that haven’t been able to follow the bills in session right now, I want to highlight some that also need your attention…the kind that involves you calling your legislator and saying something like, “you better not support this…”

Because bills can be extremely boring for some to read, I have created a little read called:

How To Send Your Child’s Education To Hell In A Handbasket In Just Five Easy To Follow Steps

Step 1. Vote For Less Instructional Days During the Year With  HB 1326

Educators already have the clock racing against them in the short amount of time to teach. Obviously, the best way to remedy this, is by shortening the school week. Instead of five long days, teachers and students should get four long days. 

But wait! There’s more! You may be asking “How can we cram all the STAAR test information into those little brats’ heads in only four days?” Easy, just extend the day. Yep, this bill will ensure that the robots kids get a full 8.5 hour school day. Normally, if this were the workforce, a schedule like this would require at least an hour long break and an additional rest period. But, we aren’t talking about the workforce. We are talking about children and school…who cares? They can have their breaks when they grow up and decide to get jobs.

An added bonus, is that the fiscal note attached to this cost saving gem says, “Districts opting to adopt the alternative instructional calendar could realize savings due to reduced operating costs”. That’s just the beginning! Once parents realize that they only have to work four days a week, parades will surely be held in your honor. Think of the money they, too, will save by taking Fridays off because their kids are not in school. Long weekends rule!

Step 2. Vote “Hell Yeah!” To Cutting Teacher Salaries. Let HB 3008 Help You.

Obviously, we have a huge issue with teachers demanding paychecks. Since they will be spending less days at work, its only fair they get paid accordingly. Obviously, all classroom teachers should be included. To make it fair, the other less important  critical  employees should understand, that they too, need to bite the bullet and take a pay cut.. like full-time librarians, speech-language pathologists, counselors, nurses…you know, the ones that see kids daily. Remind them that everyone is hurting in this budget crisis.

Although most administrators make considerably more than these guys, we must remember that they are the people that have to deal with the soon-to-be disgruntled employees. We must keep them happy, therefore, no cuts for them.

Step 3. Cut Out Stupid Tests…Like Fitnessgram. HB 3007: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Kids that repeatedly fail tests just make Texas look bad. Fitnessgram assess every student, every year from grades 3-12. Our kids in Texas just can’t pass this thing. How can we emulate an education system that supports the well-being of our children if only 12% of our graduating class is considered physically fit? What will people think when they realize that only 32% of our third graders are physically fit?

What the heck will happen if they see the link between the TAKS scores and the Fitnessgram scores? Let’s not even go there… just get rid of the test.

Step 4. Cover Your Bases: Co-ordinated School Health Requires Fitnessgram: HB 2796 Has Your Back.

It will be difficult to do away with the Fitnessgram because it is mandated under the co-ordinated school health program. This program spends valuable learning minutes while trying to weasel healthy lifestyles into the day. Worse, co-ordinated school health means parents are allowed to have a great deal of  input with their Student Health Advisory Councils (SHACs).  Can we be frank? Parents have no idea how to run a financial institution how hard it is to educate children. This stuff is a waste of time, we don’t need it. Repeal Co-ordinated school health.

Step 5. Keep Making Money With Sports. HB 3009 Will Help Your Students Stay Pumped To Play.

You may be thinking, “But how can our high school sport teams still make money  win  be fun for the kids if the kids haven’t exercised…ever? Won’t having longer days result in less practice times for sports? Our district depends on these kids to bring in money show school spirit.”

Yes, you are correct. Sports are fun for students. Schools can also bring a ton of money get some funding back into their district with a successful sports program. That’s why, we feel it would be best to quit testing for steroids. Now, we aren’t saying we endorse the use of steroids..we’re just saying that we don’t think its important to test for them.

We’re just going to leave that up to you to interpret.

Warning:  They may not be thinking about our kids. Sign the petition for recess. Make some noise. Spread the word. Join the fight.


One Comment to “turning the heat up: HB 3770~ let’s get this thing cooking.”

  1. you are amazing. thanks for all you do for texas students.

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