Apparently, I haven’t posted in a while. My blog tells me it has been since October. That cannot possible be…it only seems like a couple of weeks. Let me catch you up to speed…here’s a quick  (and I do mean quick) recap for the end of 2010:

Two teachers, forty-four little kids and over 1,000 miles

My first official stab at trying to get our school district healthy was to get our kids and parents moving. The Texas Education Association and Texas A&M ArgiLife Extension put out a challenge to every school in Texas. They have a free walking program called Walk Across Texas. All you have to do is walk and log the miles for eight weeks (well, that, and actually get people to do it…). The goal is to walk, collectively as a team, the 830 miles it takes to get across Texas. I brought the challenge to our local PTAs, schools and families. We had two teachers (a kindergarten teacher and a first grade teacher) participate! Not only did they accept the challenge, but they encouraged their students’ families to get involved at home. The best part…those two teachers and their students came in second and third place for all of Dallas County!

Parents are taking matters into their own hands…in their own way

The word is out! Despite what the big food corporations were predicting (or more likely…wanting), this whole exercise and eating better thing isn’t a trend (sorry, guys). Turns out, the phrase “healthy” isn’t just a’s becoming a lifestyle.

I have met some amazing parents that are doing what they can to inspire other parents. Tricia, a parent at my son’s school, has recently began a “Fit Club” here in Mesquite. Each week, she hosts a one hour workout, free of charge, and for anyone that wants to attend. Last week, she held a workout for our teachers after school! They loved it!

Another mom at our school, is getting her Pilates mat certification. She is also on board with me and my quest to bring Pilates to our kids! (A.D.D. side note: Since last October, I have been in the process of getting my Pilates certification. This spring, I am hoping to start up a program getting kids involved in Pilates…more about that in a later post.)

On the school front, my son’s classroom Christmas party did a complete 180. The weeks leading up to the party, parents were sent the usual “please donate goodies for the party” letters. I had braced myself for the typical candy carnage treat bags, and was shocked…in a good way. The parents didn’t send candy. They sent pencils, erasers, stickers and a bunch of other little toys *insert Twilight Zone theme song here*. The kids’ total take-home sugar haul? A candy cane.

 And, drum roll please, candy and other crappy food has not been used as a school fundraiser.

Remember that outdoor classroom idea that started this blog in the first place? Mesquite has one!

The original plan for this blog was to talk about the importance of getting kids outside and, hopefully, to get outdoor classrooms at the schools. Not just any outdoor classrooms, but full-blown Arbor Day Nature Explore outdoor classrooms (a mom can hope anyway…). 

Coincidentally, at that same time, the City of Mesquite felt the same way. Since that original post, our city’s Keep Mesquite Beautiful program has been working to get a Nature Explore outdoor classroom that all of our schools can use. It’s finally complete….and amazing!

Thanks to the City of Mesquite, the phrase “outdoor classroom” is becoming familiar. Which means, fingers crossed, that an outdoor classroom on a school campus isn’t such a longshot anymore. And, I say this because Mesquite ISD now has….

Plans for a green school

OK. Somebody pinch me.

So, what’s next? I’m going to the State Capitol…(no, seriously…I am)

Next week, as a matter of fact. My next post is going to be an important one…so come back OK? I’m going to need you! It will be about all things school food, mandatory recess and *gasp* State Capitol related.

I kinda feel like we just inched to the top of the roller coaster and it’s about to be one crazy ride….




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