healthy school fundraising…drink your fruit, save the planet?

In my last post, I refrained from going off on a “why Capri Sun’s aren’t the best choice” tangent. Honestly, it would have made the post way too long. It really needed its own post. I was checking out the Capri Sun website looking for nutrition facts, and something more interesting caught my eye.

My last post focusing on after-school snack options also touched on a very much-needed reminder to parents and kids about keeping the planet clean…or put more bluntly, not throwing your trash on the ground. Because there was a common thread of Capri Suns tossed on the playground, I was suspicious intrigued by Capri Sun’s green initiative for upcycling their foil pouches. Turns out, you can send the pouches in and earn money for your school.

One of my main focuses with being the PTA Council Health and Welfare Chairman, is to find fundraisers that aren’t counter-productive to being healthy, don’t jeopardize their overall welfare, and don’t ruin the environment. That means no cookie dough, no candy, no $20 gift wrap, no random catalog full of useless knickknacks that cost your relatives an arm and a leg. Also, none of that selling tier stuff either…meaning our school shouldn’t have to sell more useless crap to get a bigger percentage. Ugh.

After looking through what Capri Sun had to say about raising money with them and saving the earth…I thought I would just whip up a mock presentation. Let me know what you think….are you buying into it???

On the other hand, our school did do a great fundraiser last year. We sold gift trees through the Arbor Day Foundation. We sold each tree for $6. The profits are split 50/50. The part that goes back to the Arbor Day Foundation gets spent on planting more trees and funding educational grants for outdoor classrooms. There are no upfront costs, they ship to your school for free…and you are selling trees. That’s it. I loved it!


3 Comments to “healthy school fundraising…drink your fruit, save the planet?”

  1. Any fundraising program that can provide some benefit to your community while allowing for you to still achieve your financial objectives is a big plus.

  2. And I love the idea of giving trees as a fundraiser. Thanks.

  3. I love it. Thanks for the smile!

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