let’s all play the “what the hell is my kid eating?” game! *interactive*


Holy heated school lunch debate! If you haven’t come across
Christina’s food fight over at her blog, you should get
over there and check it out.
The interactive game below is from a comment I had left on her blog,
but I thought it would be fun for us all to play 🙂
So…Let’s all play the

“What the hell is my kid eating?” game!

1. Grab your kid’s favorite processed food (to make it closer to
“school-like” pick something like a frozen dinner type thing if you
have it).
2. Write down the ingredients on a sheet of paper.
3. Scratch out the ones you can get at the grocery store.
4. Now, for the ingredients you don’t know….look them up. Use these websites:
5. Read some of the “research” done on these ingredients…put a star
next to the ones that have caused some sort of undesirable effect you
would want to happen to your child…here’s a link:
6. Look at your paper….and freak out with me.

If you would like to make your own *school cafeteria processed food*
at home, but can’t find the ingredients at the grocery store or your
local hardware store, you can special order them here.




One Comment to “let’s all play the “what the hell is my kid eating?” game! *interactive*”

  1. Hi there –

    I just discovered you through my own kid/food blogging over at The Lunch Tray (www.thelunchtray.com). I love your blog and was wondering if you’d mind sending me an email at the above address so I could ask you a question directly (relating to Aramark)? I didn’t see any direct contact info for you.

    Many thanks,


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