thinking out loud.

Just throwing some ideas out. Say that you start an environmental club at your elementary school. And suppose it starts a school garden. After that,  eventually,  it gets an outdoor classroom. What happens to the kids when they get older and move to a middle school or high school? Does anyone know about the FFA? (I’m asking because I really don’t know that much about them) Since they are the “Future Farmers of America”, does anyone know what type of things they do?
Here’s what I’m getting at. Do high school FFA chapters do co-op’s? I’m thinking that since many schools can’t afford fresh produce that often, maybe their FFA’s could start school co-op’s and help supply fresh produce to their school districts.
And…well,  there is a huge patch of land near my house owned by my school district. They were going to put a school there…but put one in another location, less than a mile away. I mean, if they aren’t going to use it…..
Just sayin:)

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  1. That all sounds so well thought out. You are making me lazy with your wealth of information 🙂
    ANyhow I got an email today from one of our school board members who thinks that this is very important and is planning on getting it on the boards agenda to talk about it more. He also told me about a meeting at a Church next month that is about a community garden and child nutrition so I see I am going to have some allies in my school district. I am so excited about it too.I keep thinking if I can do this much in such a short time, that the possibilities here are endless! Net year this morning milk change will effect a large percentage of 65,000 students! That is so humbling to me.

  2. That is sooo where I was going with that! I had originally thought of a school garden with more of a science approach…plant lifecycles, water conservation, composting, rainbarrels, and worms!! And, most importantly, it would be hands on…outside! I just feel like the kids will need an extension to what they learn in elementary school. I would hate for all that learning to stop there.
    We have so many resources here, like the garden club, a senior center, boy/girl scouts, Keep Mesquite Beautiful, Eden’s Organic Center (a community CSA)…tons of people to learn from and get input! Our school district also works with Sunnyvale’s and is very close to Forney in Kaufman County. It would be neat if we could all bring it together and do that. Between three school districts (or even just our’s) I think it could actually be a reality one day. With all the available grants out there encouraging farm to school, science, environmental protection, and conservation…I think we could find alot of funding. If all the schools composted cafeteria wastes, that could go towards the district garden. It would definately benefit teaching, community involvement, and could meet TEA standards (gotta do that). They may eventually be able to give fresh fruit and veggies to our families that need food. In the long run, it seems like a way to pull everything together and help our schools waste less money on sugary, canned yucky-ness (sure, that’s a word:). Maybe they could spend the money they saved on better quality main entrees? And, let’s face it, it does offer business education as well…maybe for the Business Professionals of America……:) Who can help plot out the land? Maybe the math geniuses in the math club? We could probably use that science club , too. Woodshop seems like a good place to make a raised bed or two. Did someone say major scholarship potential for those kids who never really got into sports?
    Our city/district is the one place that I know something like this could happen…we are the the home of the Mesquite Championship Rodeo afterall…it only seems natural we become “the home of the sustainable school cafeteria program that integrates different student populations from around the district and teaches them to work together to benefit their community”. (that doesn’t roll off tongue like the rodeo part just yet…but give it some time:)

  3. oh and another thing.. think big, make this the school districts “garden” 😉

  4. Actually I have a friend whose kids are home schooled but they are involved in FFA. FFA has local chapters and anyone can join. FFA teaches you things about all things agricultural. The kids tend to be more interested in the animal aspect of FFA. My friends kids go because we are city farmers (when I say we I mean my family too.) There are several of us who raise chickens in town. I myself have 4 hens who lay eggs for us daily.
    In FFA gardening and horticulture is taught as a science.
    So this is where you could start with your school garden is in the science class room
    Another place to look for support (and I would wager to guess they would LOVE to help) is
    If you got support from the garden club and permission from the school district, I bet you could make it a community effort between the garden club, ffa and the school district to “farm” that land.

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