catastrophe mode.

   Are any of you familiar with the Myer’s-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? It’s a pretty common test used to determine your personality type (for those of you, like me, who apparently needed a test to tell them). You’ve probably taken one for some sort of career counseling thing, or, again like me, just for the hell of it. Turns out I’m the epitome of an ISTJ. I say epitome, because when I was first told I was an ISTJ type, I wanted to retake the test so I could be a different type. According to the non-ISTJ’s, we are pretty much the most annoying, boring, frustrating, tedious types of people in the world. We hate inconsistencies (like your marketing BS, aramark), we can’t help it. This sucks for me, I want to be fun. So, what does a wishing-she-were fun, wet-blanket, “actually, you know what?” saying,  kind of girl like me do? She rolls with it. She has no choice. Because she’s also a Virgo (double-whammy), and was raised by a crusading mom (triple-threat)..she is now an astrologically, psychologically, genetically predisposed pain in the ass. So, she starts a blog and writes off-beat posts about the crap food suppliers are trying to pull behind the scenes. She is acutely aware of what she is doing; and she makes no apologies to food companies while doing it…on purpose.
With that being said, yesterday I went into what is known as full-blown ISTJ catastrophe mode. My own little “food revolution” here had a slight set back. I don’t want to get into any details, because I don’t want to offend anyone here…I’ll save that for the food suppliers. Anyway, my own crisis set in because of such a tiny issue compared to the whole realm of things going on in the nation. I say tiny, because it’s a part of the “root” of the actual problem. Unfortunately, the solution to this root was dismissed in a swatting at a gnat type of way. And it sounded kinda like this:
 “Why bother? They already get to eat that stuff at home. It’s not like the parents are going to even care, it’s their fault anyway.”
<enter catastrophe mode>
It was alot to take in. How can you help a problem if some of the people (and their kids) who you are fighting for won’t listen? And what about those people that do care? How do you explain to a parent, a school, a school district, a city, a state, a nation….that you can never solve a problem by being apathetic? At any level. What about the parent’s who aren’t at fault? What happens to the people who can’t afford to send healthy lunches or snacks? Are you suggesting that everyone who can’t afford to pack a healthy lunch be lumped into one category labeled “It’s their fault”?  Do you really know every parent’s or kid’s situation?
Sometimes, when I hear these things, I honestly have to take a few days to react. What do you say when another parent tells you to quit “bitching”? When they tell you that they don’t like you or the school food? (ouch) When they tell you that all you’re doing is alienating people; and then they say they don’t want you to be on their wellness team?  
< enter ISTJ mode >
If you are me, you apologize to the parents you have offended personally.
I would never want to do that, especially, to a parent who doesn’t like the school food situation. I would tell them that as I’ve mentioned in nearly all of my posts, I support our school district, our parents, our teachers, and our kids. My goal here, is to help make changes that benefit the entire well-being of our children and families…one step at a time.
And then, I would tell them, that I will continue pointing out issues nobody else wants to talk about. I am not sorry for starting a conversation and bringing awareness.
I would then point out, that telling someone they are not nice and letting them know they aren’t welcome to join a wellness team….is pretty darn alienating in itself.   How can anyone know how the other feels if we don’t listen to them? I would then encourage them to talk to me and work with me to address these issues and get them solved. And if they decided to not engage in a conversation, or prefer to stay mad at me, I would then say something to the likes of….”I understand you don’t like me. I get that you don’t like what I have to say. On the other hand, I do want to hear what you have to say. I want to fix what both of us don’t like. I’m not here to argue with you, I don’t want to…we’re on the same page. It may also be helpful if I reminded them that my recent rant to aramark has nothing to do with our school. We use another supplier. I’m not high-fiving the supplier…I’m just sayin’.
“Of course,  if you want to continue complaining about me and still call me names, then I think it’s time for you to either sh*t or get off the pot…and I mean that in the friendliest way possible in terms of finding a solution.
(See? I’m totally annoying. Let’s have a moment of silence for my husband and his daily challenges of dealing with me.    .   .  .  .  . and we’re back.)
I would then point out that my lack of filter for asking “the higher ups” the blunt and potentially awkward questions, could come in handy..for everyone. I would encourage them to use me.
<enter auto-pilot mode>
After my set back, I did what I always do when I can’t find the answer as to why a perfectly obvious law is not being enforced. I went to the source’s source…who wrote the damn source in the first place..and I asked. Well, actually,  I poured my heart out, waved a big white flag, and begged for help. The source must have felt sorry for me. The source emailed me back three hours later. The source helped me put everything back in perspective, gave me some much needed words of encouragement, and had already began helping me with my issue in a rather massive way before I even had a chance to check my email. I just asked for advice. This was above and beyond the call of duty…I’m impressed. The source also gave me some amazing information to share with everyone to help get things moving on a local level. I’ll start posting them tonight.
In the meantime, I’ll share some of those words of encouragement. If you are dealing with the frustrating, irrational, bullying mentalities (especially those concerning food suppliers, but not limited to..) this may help.
(It’s just a portion of the text, and some have been modified…)
Trying to support <the cause> is not always the most popular thing to do…so many parents just give up.

You can’t fight stupid…you need to figure out how to out maneuver it.”

*loves the source*

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One Comment to “catastrophe mode.”

  1. just so you know… I *heart* you! You are so feeling me right now and I hope you know I am so feeling you!
    Thanks for your email today… I am still reading but I do thank you! And thank you for this post because it is so true, well written and funny while perfectly serious in all the right spots!

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