it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Super excited! My pics from the eat school lunch contest have been posted on the

Simple, Good and Tasty’s website! Go check out all the entries and vote for your favorite. There are some pretty amazing and eye-opening lunches. I think what stands out the most,  is that all across the country, although we have the same lunch program, there are vast differences in the quality and serving of the food. Our pizza is on the gigantic size, less greasy side;  and then you have pizza elsewhere, and they are on the more size appropriate, yet, super greasy side. And enough with the nuggets already!! Homemade…fine. Not homemade…not fine. Quit it.

Other than that, I am gearing up for Teacher’s Appreciation Week that is fast approaching. With that being said ;

To all of my friends, if you see me on your caller ID, answer your phone! I am calling to beg you for stuff! I’m putting together a teacher swag bag…’cause they deserve it:)

So, keep your phones near you…and go vote!

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3 Comments to “it’s an honor just to be nominated.”

  1. I saw your comment and came to see your blog. I agree we should band together. I am glad to see that I am not the only North Texas mom who cares. Although it seems scary to be the only mom in a school district with 65,000 kids who cares… I am searching for more!

  2. I voted for ya! 🙂

    Lovely gag-fest you subjected yourself to there!

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