the enchilada tried to kill me.

That enchilada hates me. I'm not sure what I did to make it so angry at me, but it must have been something terrible. Maybe it's because I'm using it to help me win a lunchbox from Simple, Good, and Tasty. I'm guessing I offended it. Oh, well.
 Before I start my anti-enchilada rant, I think it's important to establish some things first.
  1. I do not in any way, blame my son's school cafeteria ladies for the enchilada's attempted murder. They did not make this thing. They only reheated it. They are innocent by-standers.
  2. I am, what can easily be considered, a healthy person. I am of average height and weight. I work out often, rarely eat fast food, and regularly take vitamins and probiotics. My blood pressure, while on the lower side, is very much in the healthy range. My only food allergy that I know of, comes from foods that contain insane amounts of yellow dye. The kinds in fake lemonade and unusually brightly colored desserts. It has to have alot. As a general rule of thumb, I tend to stay away from day-glo colored food.

Now, about that enchilada.

Again, like the pizza, my first concern is the size. You're probably looking at it thinking, "it doesn't seem so big".  While it may not be too big for a grown adult, it's pretty big when you consider it's being served to someone with a stomach three times smaller than your's. Add that to the beans, rice and mandarin oranges; you get a full-blown sugar-infused, straight from a can carb fest. If you look real close, you can see the salad under the cup of dessing. Now, stand back a little (kind of like you're looking at one of those magic eye pictures), and see if the proportions look out of whack.

The fork was optional.

I understand that it was listed on the menu as an enchilada, but most that I've come across have required a fork. I'm suspicious that this one didn't. It was so hard, that cutting it with a fork would have required much more time and man power than allowed… and probably a steak knife. I gave up on the cutting idea and was suprised that I could pick it up and eat it with my hands. Since, the meat sauce was less "sauce" and more of  "crumble", I was able to eat that, too. Amazingly, it all stayed together. It did taste like an enchilada, and it wasn't bad. I just wouldn't call it good, either.

And then came the aftermath.

Immediately after lunch, I started to feel bad. Like the pizza, I had a headache. About an hour later, my stomach began rumbling. I started feeling tired. I felt "out of it". Then, the sides of my face started to tingle. This is what happens right before I have an allergic reaction to yellow dye. I took two benedryl just in case. Yet, sure enough, the hives came. Thankfully, I had taken the benedryl early enough and the hives weren't so bad. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me until I looked at my pictures, to question how in the world that cheese was so yellow. I think I have the answer.
Later that evening, I was still feeling weird. My stomach was still feeling gross. I got a fever. I threw up.

Then I cursed that enchilada and I cursed its enchilada family for the next hundred years.

I kid you not, it took me three days to quit feeling the effects, digestively speaking. Mentally, a little longer. Physically, the hives are gone.

I would like to thank my father-in-law at this point for the probiotics. I think he has a large part in the saving of my life.

I really hope my near death-by-enchilada gets me a prize.

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2 Comments to “the enchilada tried to kill me.”

  1. OMG. That is crazy. I didn’t like the way it looked on the plate…! You are very brave.

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