just because you buy it bulk, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to serve it in bulk.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at my first entry of Simple, Good and Tasty’s School Lunch contest. All I can say about that pizza slice is..

“Wow. That thing is huge.”

In case you’re wondering, yes, this is also the same size the kids got. Imagine looking into a sea of children sitting before you in the school cafeteria. They have each elbow propped up on the table, using both hands to grip their pizza. They lower the pizza, take a bite. They raise the pizza back up to chew. Each time they raise it back up, their little faces disappear behind the slice. Really, I mean totally hidden behind the pizza. Take a bite, see their face; raise it up, face is gone.

From now on, I propose that schools serve portions smaller than our children’s heads.

It could be because I never eat anything this cheesy, greasy, or large. But, whatever the reason, I can tell you that after 10 minutes into eating this beast, I got the worst headache ever. I was also sad to find out that the green beans had managed to lose all flavor somewhere between the farm and my tray. Because of  the pizza induced head pounding , I kept reaching for the green beans for safety. Yet each time I put a bite into my mouth, I had to do a double take because they didn’t taste like anything. Nothing. Nada. Nope. How can you make a green bean taste like nothing, not even a green bean?  It’s bizarre.
I guess my main questions to the people that buy our food, would be…Couldn’t we just serve half of that slice instead of the whole slice? Wouldn’t we then only need to order half that amount, and end up spending only half of what we did? 
Do you think we could use that extra cash to buy some green beans that taste like green beans?
Everything IS bigger in Texas.

Posted via email from just a mom in mesquite


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