i wouldn’t eat that if i were you.

Turns out, the recent Huntington beef recall is far from over. Last month Arlington schools were informed (too late, btw) that they had been serving e-coli tainted beef to their students. Thankfully, kids didn’t get sick. Unfortunately, not all schools have been informed of the recall. Here’s why. Our school districts order their food from a distributor…in Mesquite’s case, usually Sysco Food Services in Dallas. Sysco gets that food from contracts they have with other suppliers, processors, and who knows who else from all over the country. Since Sysco doesn’t allow non-customers to see where it is they get their food, we have to wait for them to sort it out and then let our schools know.  That’s going to take a while. In the meantime, I would probably pack my kids lunch on taco/burrito/meat day. If that’s not an option, tell your kids to eat the vegetarian option offered.

Keep in mind, I am in no way questioning our district. I love my son’s school, his teachers, principal and PTA. I know that they are doing everything they can to research this. I have already informed MISD’s food services co-ordinator earlier this morning. Sadly, they have to navigate through the USDA’s ridiculous laws.

Here’s a link giving you some more information while the USDA tries to figure out what to do. Its going to be hard for them, since they have no way of actually keeping track of our kid’s food.

On why we (parents, schools, etc) aren’t allowed to see the names and inspection reports of the actual food makers that have tested positive for pathogens from USA Today :

“Divulging their identities would discourage companies from contracting to supply product for the National School Lunch Program and hamper our ability to provide the safe and nutritious foods to America’s school children.”

This came from USDA spokesman Bobby Graviz…feel free to email him and tell him “good job”… bobby.gravitz@usda.gov . Better yet, we could always invite him to have lunch with our kids next Monday. Its burrito (taco snack) day.


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