i heart my town.

Mention the word “Mesquite” and you get all kinds of responses…usually negative, in the “outdated” and “redneck” sort of way. That makes me sad. Our little city has so many great things that tend to not get talked about. Sure, there are some bad…all cities have that, but I want to take second to mention the good. So, here you go:

1. Did you know that the City of Mesquite has an awesome recycling program? They give out recycling bins to residents to put out and be picked up with their regular trash. Not many cities in the entire Dallas/ Fort Worth  do that.

2. They give free mulch and compost to residents.

3. They have been awarded “Tree City USA” status by the Arbor Day Foundation.

4. The school district has eliminated unnecessary paper flyers throughout the schools to reduce paper waste. They now use electronic methods.

5. Have you heard about the Keep Mesquite Beautiful mission? You’ve probably seen signs around town and notices in your monthly water bill, but did you know it has a youth outreach program? Here, see for yourself: http://www.cityofmesquite.com/kmb/

6. Ever been to Ron’s Organics? Its amazing! Get over there! He has a newsletter that I stalk monthly, and a radio show Sunday mornings.

7. Did you know you there’s a local co-op that supports our local farmers,ranchers and producers? Grass-fed beef folks..not the bovine growth hormone injected kind.


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